HealthyWalk App on iPhone 5S

HealthyWalk is a revolutionary concept built in a simple manner.  It’s a simple yet elegant app that leverages iPhone 5S’ built-in motion processor to track your walking statistics.  It’s always on and it does not drain your battery life unlike other GPS-based apps.

Why Walk?

Nowadays, people are always busy doing their work and neglect to do enough exercise. Granted, some people likes to hit the gym but many others cannot keep up with a regular exercise schedule.  Walking is becoming a more popular way to get back in shape.  Why?  It’s easy.  It does not require too much planning.  You don’t have to sweat all over.  It does not put much stress on your muscles and joints.  You can do it anywhere.  You can do it at any time that’s convenient.  And, finally, you gain all the same benefits that you would get from going to a gym!

If you haven’t seen the list of benefits from walking, look no further.  Here’s a quick list from an article at

  • Walkers lives longer
  • Walking prevents weight gain
  • You can walk off weight
  • Walking reduces risk of cancer
  • Walking reduces risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Walking reduces risk of diabetes
  • Walking boosts your brain power
  • Walking improves mood and relieves stress
  • Walking can prevent erectile dysfunction
  • It’s easy to get started walking

So tell me about the app.

The app contains four main screens – walk history, last 7 days chart, news, and settings.


The walk history screen contains all of your walking statistics since you first download the app, plus 7 days of data prior.  You may wonder why there’s an additional 7 days of data.  It’s because iPhone 5S already tracks your activity automatically; it just does not give you the data.  What a waste!  HealthyWalk is built to leverage your device’s capability and save all of your data so they don’t just go down the drain.


The chart screen shows  the last 7 days’ statistic in an easy-to-read bar chart format.  The green line in the chart represents your daily goal.  Goal setting is a very important step in your walking program.   Experts recommend walking at least 10,000 steps (approximately 4 miles) per day to maintain a healthy body.  It might sound a lot to you but really, once you measure it using HealthyWalk, you will come to realize that it’s not at all difficult to achieve.  My personal experience tells me that an hour of walking in moderate speed would get you there.

screenshot3The news screen is a quick way to stay up to date with recent news regarding walking.  It automates a google search using the phrase ‘walking healthy’.  In one click, you will find the most recent news about walking.  I personally find it a great way to learn constantly about the latest findings related to walking.

screenshot4The settings screen is pretty straightforward.  It allows you to customize several primary settings.  You can choose to use metrics units (kilometers rather than miles, centimeters rather than feet/inches, etc.) and it’s easy to switch.  You should enter your height because the app calculates distance using your stride length, which is directly proportional to your height.  One of the more interesting setting is the ability to set up a notification time.  The app can remind you to check your statistics on a daily basis so you will never miss or forget about the activity.  Many studies show that people tend to exercise more when they are being reminded.  This is a great feature to keep yourself in check every day.

Interested in the app?

Just hit the App Store and search for HealthyWalk.  Or, click this link to go there directly.

Happy Walking!


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