My Graphics v2.2.2 released

New feature images are now served from the server.  Be prepared to see new feature images when you check back to the app once in a while.

[scheme programmers: leave us a comment if you are interested in contributing to the feature images seen by thousand of users.]

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My Graphics v2.2.1 released!

Thanks for your patience.  Crash bug has been fixed.

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My Graphics v2.2 released

New features:
✔ Send your image to camera roll (iOS 6.0 or higher)
✔ Send your image to facebook, weibo, mail, message (iOS 6.0 or higher)
✔ Copy or print your image (iOS 6.0 or higher)

** Apologies, this version for some reasons crashes occasionally.  The fix has been submitted to Apple and it should be available shortly.

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My Graphics v2.0 released

The new version has gone live for a couple of days already.  Many thanks to those who has  downloaded or updated to the latest version.  The new one provides specific feature patterns in the startup screen, and it adds a new tree-pattern generation program.  The goal is to add more sophisticated patterns in each new version.  If you can have any idea, free free to leave us a comment or send us email at tk3369 at gmail dot com.

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My Graphics v2.0 submitted to App Store

Don’t you love new software releases?  This new version contains a new drawing program that creates tree-like patterns.  Also, a new Feature button has been added to display randomly selected drawings.

Experience tells me that it will take Apple one week to process the app submission.  Given that iPhone 5 just came out this week, I suppose that Apple staffs are in general busier than before so my app might be delayed.  Fingers crossed…

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My Graphics v1.0 released!

My Graphics is now available for free download in iOS app store today.  It works with both iPhone and iPad devices. Download it today!

The technologies used in this app is quite interesting.  I will create another post to share about that later.

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After many years of pointless web surfing, I finally created this blogging site to express my interests.  There is no guarantee that you are not bored to death by reading the articles from this web site.  Nor am I a very good entertainer either.

In any case, since you have visited us today, just enjoy!

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